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Over 60% of users churn in the first week.

When users don't understand how to get started, they close the tab and never return.


User signs up


Confused about first steps


Closes tab and never returns

Understand where your users get lost.
Guide them.npm

Use our chrome extension to build product tours over your app, in under a minute:

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Add to your product with a simple script tag

<script type="module">
        import guidesail from '';

Teach users, Track engagement, Improve your product

  • Use the chrome extension to create & edit interactive guides right on top of your app. Users will see the guides when they visit that page (URL based). Optionally set guides to run once only for each unique user.
  • Run guides based on customer triggers (e.g. time based, button click, custom support link).
  • See detailled analytics on how users interact with your guides. Learn where users drop off. Understand where your product needs improvement.


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  • Unlimited active Guides
  • Up to 2500 MAUs
  • Guide analytics
  • Lifetime updates!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Install the GuideSail chrome extension. Navigate to your app page. Use the extension to create a guide on your page with just a few clicks. Deploy all your guides, surveys and/or announcements to your App with a single line of code.

  • I built GuideSail because solutions like Intercom, Userpilot, Pendo, and Appcues, are too expensive and overly complex for most people. GuideSail works quick & easy while staying affordable.

  • You're already busy developing your product. GuideSail requires a single line of code to run all of your guides on your app.

  • In addition to core features, as a small company we are able to add features daily! Sign up for a free trial to view the complete road map and even suggest features to be added based on your custom needs.
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